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Elemental Leadership


Invest in your organization's future by building a team of versatile leaders capable of taking on diverse challenges. Developed by our interdisciplinary team, Elemental Leadership™ is a two-day workshop that leads participants through the five elements of leadership:Elemental Leadership Model

  • Grounding
  • Reflecting
  • Expanding
  • Inspiring
  • Achieving

Embed your organization's values and culture through dedicated work in grounding.

Develop your leaders' capacity for reflecting on their strenghts, passions, limits, and the impact of their behavior.

Build your leaders' resiliency through exercises aimed at expanding their character, relationships, critical thinking, and usage of power.

Discover new ways of inspring your employees, your communities, and your customers.

Support your leaders' in achieving sustainable outcomes, celebrating their successes, and evaluating their struggles.

Elemental Leadership's two-day workshop begins a journey of growth.  Our training experience results in a individualized leadership development plan for every participant to continue their development with the support and mentorship of their supervisors.  We also provide ongoing coaching and consultation after the workshop to support the continued development of your organization's leaders.

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A component in reflecting is to learn from one's mistakes.  Click here to find out more and sign up to receive a free digital copy of Learning From Mistakes: 6 Steps for Transforming Mistakes to Learning Opportunities.


  • Team members who have begun a position of leadership.
  • Team members who you would like to invest in their future.
  • Team members who have established themselves in their leadership role and would like to advance their potential.

Hours: 14

Description: Organizations succeed when they invest in the development of their future leaders. Elemental Leadership™ provides the tools necessary to advance your organization's potential.


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Attendance Prerequisites:

Attendance Requirements:

Learning Resources/Required Texts:

Minimum Enrollment: 6

Maximum Enrollment: 12

Certification: No

Physical Activity: No

Scheduling Options: This workshop is best completed over two consecutive days. This workshop can also be split into 4 half-day sessions wherein the final session requires the attendance of the participants' supervisors to support the development of their individualized leadership development plans.

Training Objectives:

1. Apply the elements of Elemental Leadership in their daily work

2. Target strengths and areas for growth as a leader using Elemental Leadership

3. Identify resources and tools to assist in personal leadership growth

4. Implement their leadership development plan

This training is available at your location at your scheduling convenience as an Onsite option. Please contact us directly for support with hosting this training at your location.

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