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Traumatized Child


This training would benefit anyone who supports individuals who have been traumatized during childhood.   During the course, participants perform an assessment of a person they support through a trauma-focused lens. The course describes the types of trauma that children experience.   Participants will develop an understanding of the impacts of trauma in terms of neurological, cognitive and emotional development.  Participants will learn strategies for supporting people who experience trauma including relaxation techniques, self-soothing and cognitive restructuring.  Self care of the caregiver is also emphasized.


Anyone who works with people who have been traumatized.

Hours: 5-6

Description: Many people in the state care system experience trauma. This course explores the impacts of childhood trauma as well as ways of recasting interventions using a trauma lens.


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Certification: No

Physical Activity: No

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Training Objectives:

By the end of the training, participants will:

·         Develop and understanding of the types of training that children experience.

·         Understand the impacts of childhood trauma in terms of terms of neurological development, cognitive development, emotional development, attachment and behavioral regulations.

·         Assess behavior through a trauma-focused lens.

·         Develop strategies for working with trauma-impacted children.

Understand the importance of self-care for individuals who support traumatized children.

This training is available at your location at your scheduling convenience as an Onsite option. Please contact us directly for support with hosting this training at your location.

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