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Session 4: Advanced Curriculum Development


A comprehensive approach to instructional design is utilized as the framework for this training. The training begins with an examination of the extensive benefits and the associated techniques for conducting a front-end needs assessment and pertinent characteristics of learners and organizations.  You will discuss the purpose and process of creating learning objectives, including a thorough examination of Benjamin Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives. Under the rubric of developing training content, you will discuss conducting effective research through utilizing printed and electronic materials and other sources, such as experts in the field. You will then learn how to create effective deliverables, such as training manuals, materials, and media presentations. Under this topic, you will explore adult learning theories and styles and other issues of curriculum accessibility, such as cultural considerations. Lastly, you will discuss the importance and means of evaluating the effectiveness of training, including the issues of transfer of learning.


Anyone who is in the position of needing to design and deliver training sessions/workshops within and outside of their organization and who already possesses some curriculum development skills or has attended the ‘Curriculum Development and Designing Pres

Hours: 16 hours (optional: 8, with previous experience)

Description: This training would benefit anyone who wishes to learn about the process of instructional design and gain specific skills in the area of creating training content.



$199 per day per attendee or 

$699 for 4 day series to include 

  • Dynamic Presentations
  • Deeper Facilitation
  • Curriculum Development and Designing Presentations
  • Becoming a Culturally Competent Traine

Attendance Prerequisites: Curriculum Development course preferred; individual exceptions may be granted by the instructor

Attendance Requirements:

Learning Resources/Required Texts:

Minimum Enrollment:

Maximum Enrollment: 30

Certification: No

Physical Activity:

Scheduling Options: Two 8-hour sessions

Training Objectives:

In this training, you will expand your knowledge and will have the opportunity to practice the following curriculum development skills:

  • Conducting front-end assessment
  • Creating effective learning objectives for training participants
  • Conducting effective research on the subject and including the information gleaned through this process into the curriculum
  • Incorporating various material delivery techniques and training modalities into the curriculum in accordance with adult learning principles and different learning styles
  • Adhering to copyright regulations
  • Discerning between credible and low-quality information when gathering informational resources on a given topic
  • Compiling a useful library of resources

This training is available at your location at your scheduling convenience as an Onsite option. Please contact us directly for support with hosting this training at your location.

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