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Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP)


DSAP is a rigorous peer-assisted and group process. Participants reflect on their experiences in life, identify their patterns of strengths, and learn how to talk about their Dependable Strengths in ways that demonstrate their value to an organization or community. Dependable Strengths are those core strengths that define a person’s special talent for excellence.


Individuals who are unemployed, Individuals seeking self –discovery, teams

Hours: 16

Description: An interactive training which increases a person's self-esteem, motivation to achieve, and responsible behavior.


$300 per person

Attendance Prerequisites: None

Attendance Requirements: Must attend all 2 days or 14 hours of training time. Might be required to fill-out a 5 page, good experience work sheet.

Learning Resources/Required Texts: 30 page binder

Minimum Enrollment:

Maximum Enrollment: 32

Certification: No

Physical Activity: No

Scheduling Options: Can do four 4 hour sessions but preferably 2 9-5pm training days

Training Objectives:

Short exercises are given to illuminate some ways in which research, technology and financial changes impact each person’s life, right now. This occurs when you as training participants recall experiences, which have come close to being self-actualizing. These are then named “good experiences,” defined as: “something you feel you did well, that you also enjoyed doing and are proud of”. Through a combination of individual and group exercises, each of you will deeply explore your "good experiences" and articulate the core “Dependable Strengths” you possess. You will utilize a Dependable Strengths Profile Chart and a reality-test process to build on the earlier work you did. The strengths that are then uncovered are your most highly motivated strengths.  You will proceed to exercises that lead to incorporating your dependable strengths into high performance, enjoyable and career-developing activities. Care is given to valuing both paid and unpaid work, as well as to activities like education, play, hobbies and homemaking. During the course of the Dependable Strengths training, you will ultimately:

  • Identify good experiences
  • Develop a Dependable Strengths Report
  • Access your strengths and open up new opportunities
  • Learn to articulate your worth
  • Learn to make contacts
  • Succeed in interviews  
  • Learn to access support and increase self esteem.

This training is available at your location at your scheduling convenience as an Onsite option. Please contact us directly for support with hosting this training at your location.

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