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Motivational Interviewing


This training would benefit anyone interested in receiving an overview of the Motivational Interviewing (MI) approach to facilitating change in people’s behavior and learning specific strategies which can be utilized in working with clients. The training begins with an examination of the theoretical underpinnings of MI, such as its roots in the Humanistic theory of Carl Rogers and other client-centered approaches to therapy. A discussion then follows regarding the transtheoretical model of behavior change.  You will learn how to assess clients’ placement along the continuum of behavior change, so that only the most effective intervention strategies (those which match the client’s current level of motivation to change) are employed in your work. Throughout the training, you will have the opportunity to practice such essential clinical skills as reflective listening. Lastly, some time is spent discussing effective practice strategies when dealing with clients’ resistance.


Anyone who is in the position of helping others to change their life style choices and behaviors, such as human services professionals, teachers, medical professionals, and many others.

Hours: 8

Description: During this training, you will learn the most effective approach to helping people to change any aspect of their lifestyle, such as smoking, exercising, going to school, etc.


$125 per person. Group pricing also available.

Attendance Prerequisites:

Attendance Requirements: None

Learning Resources/Required Texts:

Minimum Enrollment:

Maximum Enrollment: 30

Certification: No

Physical Activity:

Scheduling Options: One 8-hours session; can be divided into two 4-hour sessions if necessary.

Training Objectives:

By the end of this training, you will:

  • Be familiar with the philosophy and spirit of Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Learn how to assess clients’ readiness to change using the transtheoretical model of behavior change, including typical client actions and corresponding effective worker intervention approaches for each of the stages of the model
  • Have the opportunity to review and practice each of the microskills of MI: reflections, open-ended questions, summaries, and affirmations
  • Learn how to identify and reinforce change talk, the strongest predictor of the person initiating behavior changes
  • Learn how to view client resistance as a function of the environment and handle it effectively

Throughout the training session, you will have the opportunity to practice the most important skills and intervention techniques.

This training is available at your location at your scheduling convenience as an Onsite option. Please contact us directly for support with hosting this training at your location.

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