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Noble Purpose: Igniting Extraordinary Passion Through Life and Work


Dr. Barry Heermann, creator of Noble Purpose, says, “When you are connected to your Noble Purpose, you gain access to a deeper knowledge of yourself and a wider dimension of your gifts. Alignment of who you are in the world with your unique gifts allows you to make important contributions, regardless of scale, to others.” The Noble Purpose workshop, conducted either entirely telephonically or with a combination of classroom and teleworkshop instruction, inspires this alignment and facilitates extraordinary contribution.


The Noble Purpose curriculum is intended specifically for working persons, professionals, or others who seek Noble Purpose at work, whether in commercial life or helping professions, whether technical or social in nature, whether art or craft.  Noble Purpose is an especially useful resource for coaching professionals supporting others in their life’s work.

Hours: 5-17, depending on chosen workshop format

Description: An intensive training for highly reflective individuals seeking extraordinary possibility in life and work.


Single or group

Attendance Prerequisites:

Attendance Requirements: Each session must be attended. There is reading and homework to be completed between each session.

Learning Resources/Required Texts: Book: Noble Purpose-Igniting Extraordinary Passion in Life and Work

Minimum Enrollment:

Maximum Enrollment: 12

Certification: No

Physical Activity: No

Scheduling Options: 1) 5-1 hour telephonic sessions or 2) 12 classroom hours (8 hours at beginning and 4 hours at end) plus 5 hours in tele-workshop format. The class does require pre-work (reading and small exercises) before each session.

Training Objectives:

Most people don’t wake up in the morning feeling fully connected to their purpose. Most people are removed or are at a distance; disconnected and separated from their purpose; at best their sense of purpose is some vague, ambiguous memory of something that inspired them in the past but that today remains remote and outside of themselves.  Through the vehicle of the Noble Purpose training, you will have the opportunity to further ground and embed the Noble Purpose model into your life.

By the end of this training, you will:

  • Understand the concept of 'essential self', the essential life force where life thrives
  • Understand the concept of 'fundamental dissonance', a painful/challenging event which occurred during childhood and which permeates the choices you make
  • Understand the concept of 'bounded self', the self that is immobilized because of challenging, internalized feelings from childhood; the hard, outer veneer that serves as a boundary of protection from the unpleasant challenges of the world.
  • Learn and embed the following highly interdependent phases of the spiral, including
  1. Initiating:  the rite of passage to deep inner knowledge of, and trust in, the perfection of the universe, yourself, your circumstances and colleagues in the workplace
  2. Visioning:  the revelation of imaginative new possibilities expressed through thought that manifests new reality
  3. Claiming:  the manifestation of the contribution you envision for the world in tangible form and structure.  Being your purpose.
  4. Celebrating:  the experience of profound gratitude and thanksgiving for gifts of the universe
  5. Letting go:  the release of desperate clutching, power, and control
  6. Noble Purpose:  the generous giving and serving of others, bountifully reciprocated and inspiring high-level meaning and purpose in life and work, while taking care of yourself.
  • Use the qualities of the spiral as pathways to accessing your essential self, thus creating a clearing away from the hustle and bustle of life.
  • Define your 'noble purpose', your signature way of being in service in the world that is yours and yours alone

This training is available at your location at your scheduling convenience as an Onsite option. Please contact us directly for support with hosting this training at your location.

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