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We are ready! Are you? With the economic challenges being experienced so profoundly by everyone, it is critical to maximize the productivity and quality of work being done by each individual. With limited personnel resources, each individual must be highly skilled and capable of achieving successful outcomes in your work.

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The Service Alternatives Training Institute is committed to supporting you to do your work (whatever it is!) with excellence. Our job is to help you gain the tools and resources you need to realize the benefits of individuals and teams working at the highest levels to carry out the mission of your organization.

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Critical Event Response

If a critical event (death, fire, suicide…) occurs in your organization, are you prepared?  Do you have an organizational response system in place to effectively respond?  Do you have a skilled team of people to provide debriefing services to your employees?  The SA Training Institute provides skilled services in this area.  Our services are based on years of experience and are designed to help your organization return to typical business operations in a thoughtful and complete manner.

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Critical Event Debriefing Service for your Team

Our highly-trained and experienced team will provide psychological debriefing services to your staff following a traumatic event in order to mitigate the impact of occupational stress.

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Critical Event Debriefing Training

This training will give you the necessary skills to provide critical event psychological debriefing services within your organization.

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Critical Event Response System for your Organization

The overarching goal of this service is to help your organization tailor a multi-component system of addressing critical events based on the internationally acclaimed Critical Incident Stress Management approach.

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