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We are ready! Are you? With the economic challenges being experienced so profoundly by everyone, it is critical to maximize the productivity and quality of work being done by each individual. With limited personnel resources, each individual must be highly skilled and capable of achieving successful outcomes in your work.

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The Service Alternatives Training Institute is committed to supporting you to do your work (whatever it is!) with excellence. Our job is to help you gain the tools and resources you need to realize the benefits of individuals and teams working at the highest levels to carry out the mission of your organization.

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Therapeutic Techniques and Practice Models

The Therapeutic Techniques and Practice Models trainings are  aimed at increasing your skills in working with people who face various challenges in their lives.   Whether you need to know how to best respond to a person who is feeling suicidal, or motivate a person with alcohol addiction to enter treatment, or support a victim of domestic violence, you will find the latest information on the most effective approaches and gain specific skills through our trainings.

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Dual Diagnosis

Working with people who are dually diagnosed with mental illness and developmental/intellectual disabilities can be challenging. This seminar is designed to help participants to better understand and support people who are dually diagnosed.

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Family Preservation Services

This training will provide you will all of the necessary tools to deliver Family Preservation Services (FPS) and will meet Washington State and other contractual training requirements.

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Motivational Interviewing

During this training, you will learn the most effective approach to helping people to change any aspect of their lifestyle, such as smoking, exercising, going to school, etc.

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Traumatized Child

Many people in the state care system experience trauma. This course explores the impacts of childhood trauma as well as ways of recasting interventions using a trauma lens.

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