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We are ready! Are you? With the economic challenges being experienced so profoundly by everyone, it is critical to maximize the productivity and quality of work being done by each individual. With limited personnel resources, each individual must be highly skilled and capable of achieving successful outcomes in your work.

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The Service Alternatives Training Institute is committed to supporting you to do your work (whatever it is!) with excellence. Our job is to help you gain the tools and resources you need to realize the benefits of individuals and teams working at the highest levels to carry out the mission of your organization.

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RIGHT RESPONSE is a fresh and exciting training for De-escalation skills and Physical Intervention Restraints featuring the latest research and adult learning methods. 800-896-9234Need De-escalation, Physical Restraints or Prevention Interventions? You need the RIGHT RESPONSE® Workshop! There are 4 levels of the workshop which you can now offer to attendees concurrently to give them just the amount of training they need: Primer, Elements, Elements+ and Advanced.

To learn more about this de-escalation and intervention training, click here for the RIGHT RESPONSE website.

Workshop Outline Training Options

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Instructor Training Programs

Have you considered having your own instructors to provide immediate, cost effective staff training for your team?  Do you prefer instructors who have complete familiarity with your exact client needs and contracts?  Many organizations and school districts find this to be an excellent option.  The SA Training Institute provides high quality instructor training and certification programs for you to consider.

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Health and Safety Trainings

Without health and safety needs being met, getting the job done becomes difficult if not impossible.  Many organizations require various levels of health and safety training.  This may be dictated by contracts and/or licensing expectations.  It also may be mandated by organizations who simply place health and safety as a high priority, wanting to ensure staff have fundamental skills.  The SA Training Institute provides a variety of trainings to meet your varied health and safety needs.

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Training Skills Academy

How effective are you as a trainer or presenter?  Are you dynamic? Interesting?  Engaging?  Do you lose control of discussions or rush to fit everything in at the end of the training?  Do people remember and use what was presented in the training?  The impact of your training content will vary greatly depending on your ability to deliver the material with energy, enthusiasm, and clarity. Additionally, the way in which you connect with each class participant will impact the effectiveness of your skills as a trainer.

Dealing with challenging students

The Training Skills Academy is a series of five classes that is designed to greatly enhance your skills as a trainer or presenter. The five 8-hour sessions can be taken individually or as a whole series. 

View Training Skills Academy training courses.

Behavioral Skills Academy

Do you have students or clients experiencing problem behaviors which interfere with their success or cause crisis?  Are problem behaviors interfering with safety, security, and a general feeling of well being?

The Behavioral Skills Academy classes focus on helping you and your staff understand why problem behaviors are occurring so that you can effectively manage or eliminate them. Learn professional-level behavior management and positive support techniques which have been proven to increase the safety and learning of all involved.

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Long Term Care Workers

Attention Long-Term Care Workers in Washington State:

Initiative 1163 new-window enacted increased training and certification requirements for workers hired on or after January 7, 2012. Most new direct care workers (now called long-term care workers) must take 75 hours of training within 120 days of hire. Also, most long-term care workers must become certified home care aides within 150 days of hire.

Long-Term Care Workers includes all persons who are long-term care workers for the elderly or persons with disabilities, including but not limited to individual providers of home care services, direct care employees of home care agencies, providers of home care services to persons with developmental disabilities un

View Long Term Care Workers training courses.

Leadership Academy

Are you successfully leading a high performing team toward sustainable outcomes?  This is the ultimate goal of each leader, is it not?  The Leadership Academy trainings provide leaders with a range of reflecting strategies and concrete tools that, when applied to your work, contribute immensely to the development of stronger leadership skills.  Leadership development never stops.  The moment you stop developing as a leader or stop seeking new opportunities for growth, you will lose your edge.  Which of the following classes most meets your current needs to further excel as a leader? 

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Critical Event Response

If a critical event (death, fire, suicide…) occurs in your organization, are you prepared?  Do you have an organizational response system in place to effectively respond?  Do you have a skilled team of people to provide debriefing services to your employees?  The SA Training Institute provides skilled services in this area.  Our services are based on years of experience and are designed to help your organization return to typical business operations in a thoughtful and complete manner.

View Critical Event Response training courses.

Therapeutic Techniques and Practice Models

The Therapeutic Techniques and Practice Models trainings are  aimed at increasing your skills in working with people who face various challenges in their lives.   Whether you need to know how to best respond to a person who is feeling suicidal, or motivate a person with alcohol addiction to enter treatment, or support a victim of domestic violence, you will find the latest information on the most effective approaches and gain specific skills through our trainings.

View Therapeutic Techniques and Practice Models training courses.

Life Skills Trainings

Everyday skills that enhance both the quality of life and basic safety skills necessary for life are critical.  The Life Skills classes range from short 2 hours sessions on topics such as Stress Management to full day classes such as Dependable Strengths which can be great for individuals or an enriching team experience.

View Life Skills Trainings training courses.

Attitudinal Trainings

Everyone has attitudes toward life, work, other human beings, etc.  Attitudes can facilitate constructive thinking and actions.  They can also interfere with your ability to live and work to your highest potential.  The Attitudinal Trainings explore various aspects of attitudinal thinking, providing tools that will help you and/or your organization to excel.

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