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Training, Consultation, and Technical Assistance Services

Classroom Training

We are ready! Are you? With the economic challenges being experienced so profoundly by everyone, it is critical to maximize the productivity and quality of work being done by each individual. With limited personnel resources, each individual must be highly skilled and capable of achieving successful outcomes in your work.

Training Values

You, as a client of the Institute, deserve training solutions that reflect excellence, integrity, community, customer service, employee satisfaction, and fiscal responsibility. As the values of our parent organization, Service Alternatives, Inc. (SA), they are the foundation from which we provide you with excellent services.

Service Alternatives Training Values


Integrity refers to wholeness. When we think of integrity, we think of things such as honesty, uprightness, and sound moral principle. Someone has said it this way: a person with integrity is trusted because you know who she is — what you see is what you get. Service Alternatives strives to be a company that is known in this way. We want all who deal with us to know that we can be trusted, that we are honest, and that we do the right thing for the right reasons. When mistakes are made, we acknowledge them, learn from them and try not to repeat them. Our words and actions should be one.

How the Service Alternatives Training Institute’s value of Integrity will benefit you:

  • we honor all commitments made to you
  • we reflect honesty and transparency throughout all communication
  • we will let you know if we cannot meet your needs
  • we follow up on the outcomes of the work; if we did not help you, we need to know!


Excellence is being of the highest or finest quality in something-superior to others. Doing excellent work is doing work that is seen by the customer as meeting and exceeding expectations. Quality is most noticeable in the small things. If you preach quality, you have to practice it everywhere.

How the Service Alternatives Training Institute’s value of Excellence will benefit you:

  • we complete a needs assessment with you to ensure training services are the answer
  • we offer solutions that, when you apply them, will lead to sustainable change
  • we provide prepared, highly skilled instructors and facilitators
  • we utilize high quality training materials

Customer Service

Fran Einterz, co-founder of SA, saw providing excellent customer service as the cornerstone upon which to build the company upon back in 1983. A customer-centered company has the willingness and ability to bring the customer to the very center of its organizational being. When this happens, clients are identified and known. Their needs are communicated throughout the entire organization and employees continue to ask the question: “How will this add value to our clients?” Clients are our partners. We work together to achieve goals. We keep communication open and honest. We provide the product they want as well as information on better ways of doing the work.

How the Service Alternatives Training Institute’s value of Customer Service will benefit you:

  • we listen to you as our client so that we can truly help you
  • we tailor training so that it truly meets your needs
  • we prioritize contact with you: we answer all phone calls personally and with highly trained staff
  • we provide training that takes into account different adult learning styles

Employee Satisfaction

Employees who feel welcomed, appreciated, respected, and cared about are employees who will stick around and continue to help foster and promote the company vision and values. Through doing this, employees can achieve significant satisfaction in return. Service Alternatives, Inc. prioritizes this for all employees of the Training Institute, and also supports you as our customer in honoring employee satisfaction yourself. This value translates into improved work outcomes for all.

How the Service Alternatives Training Institute’s value of Employee Satisfaction will benefit you:

  • we recognize that highly trained staff are happy staff; we help you achieve this
  • we provide training instructors who are excited to be at work
  • we deliver training tools that employees can use immediately once they return to work

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility asks that we responsibly manage the resources that we are given. At Service Alternatives, Inc., our commitment is to understand that sound business practice is the only way to truly support our clients.

How the Service Alternatives Training Institute’s value of Fiscal Responsibility will benefit you:

  • we offer solutions that you need and are not more expensive than necessary
  • when possible we utilize local instructors, removing or minimizing travel costs
  • we carefully manage financial resources, which translates to lower costs for you as the client


A healthy community is a good place for all residents to live, work, attend school, raise children, and enjoy leisure time. The value of community translates to Service Alternatives, Inc.‘s commitment to provide excellent services to individuals of all backgrounds and from all types of environments.

How the Service Alternatives Training Institute’s value of Community will benefit you:

  • we provide training in local communities or in our training rooms (whichever is best for you!)
  • we ensure that training is accessible to individuals with disabilities or language barriers
  • we establish each classroom as a learning community, valuing contributions of class participants