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Classroom Training

We are ready! Are you? With the economic challenges being experienced so profoundly by everyone, it is critical to maximize the productivity and quality of work being done by each individual. With limited personnel resources, each individual must be highly skilled and capable of achieving successful outcomes in your work.

About Us

The Service Alternatives Training Institute is committed to supporting you to do your work (whatever it is!) with excellence. We are intimately aware that achieving exceptional outcomes at work depends on having highly skilled staff. Training is an essential element in gaining those skills.

Our job is to help you gain the tools and resources you need to realize the benefits of individuals and teams working at the highest levels to carry out the mission of your organization.

Service Alternatives Training Institute can help you achieve:

What Sets Our Trainings Apart

We are not just instructors. We have been participants in many different trainings and continue to learn from the mistakes and successes every time we have the chance! We know how important it is to respect the resources that your organization is spending on fees, travel costs, and staff time.

Our training solutions provide you with value compared to your problems

We are committed to maximizing the practical benefit of your time with us. That is why every one of our trainings is tailored to your specific needs rather than using ‘canned’ content that may not be applicable to your situation.

Because we value you as training participants, we find it very important to teach in a way that is fun yet grounded in solid educational principles and current research. When you are in our trainings, you will work hard and reap the benefits!

You will experience a dynamic training environment that includes hands-on activities, engaging discussions, putting skills to practice, and of course some old-school methods of teaching. As adult learners, you have a tremendous amount of knowledge to share which enriches the learning experience for all. After 20 years of teaching experience, we know that you will learn more when your mind and body are both active. We also bridge our classrooms with your work environment by giving you tools and resources which can be used right away.

We know from our own experience that it is so important to have high quality, well-written materials that are helpful to you when you return to work. You can reference them and use the tools you have learned to do your work better. This is what people who take our trainings truly appreciate.

If everything above has not yet sold you on your trainings, please keep in mind that we believe a well-fed participant is a happy participant. That is why we go to great lengths to provide a variety of refreshments which are both healthy and possibly just a bit chocolatey!

Training Values

You, as a client of the Institute, deserve training solutions that reflect excellence, integrity, community, customer service, employee satisfaction, and fiscal responsibility. As the values of our parent organization, Service Alternatives, Inc. (SA), they are the foundation from which we provide you with excellent services.

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About Service Alternatives, Inc.

Service Alternatives, Inc. is a multi-faceted human services agency with a clear vision and strong values. We support individuals and families of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities and provide a spectrum of services that include employment services, residential services, wraparound/kinship services, foster care, school-based services, independent living support, consultation and training.

SA Services

Service Alternatives provides services to individuals and families through six main areas that focus on empowerment, status, gaining competence, developing relationships, supporting community connections, and maintaining health and safety.

  • Adult Supported Living Services
  • Eldercare Home Care Services
  • Community & Employment Services
  • Children and Family Services
  • Foster Care Services
  • Training and Consultation Services

For more information, see our website: www.servalt.com

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