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"Windmills" is a high-impact attitudinal training program that integrates disability into the spectrum of diversity awareness.  Many organizations would like to employ persons with disabilities but find that fears, biases and myths create barriers in the hiring process. The training focuses on attitudes and human factors, but it also concerns issues including legal requirements and accommodation. The modules primarily consist of exercises relevant to the everyday world of work to which participants can relate and then carry out in their every day work. The Windmills program also incorporates language and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


Employers interested in diversifying their work force

Hours: 1 hour-11 hours depending on the modules

Description: A high-impact, interactive training that breaks down attitudinal barriers to employing and working with people with disabilities..


Attendance Prerequisites: None

Attendance Requirements: None

Learning Resources/Required Texts: None

Minimum Enrollment: 10

Maximum Enrollment: 50

Certification: No

Physical Activity:

Scheduling Options: 11 modules that can be used singularly ( 1 hour min) or over two days (11 max hours) 10 students per trainer, currently can do up to 30 people. With the training of more trainers this number can increase.

Training Objectives:

This curriculum was designed to be easily portable, and is comprised of 11 training modules that take about one hour each to complete. The modules may stand alone, or a number of modules can be incorporated into a longer presentation. It is designed so that the modules can be used to supplement and enhance ongoing training programs within your organization.

The program targets:

  • mid-level managers
  • human resources professionals
  • first-line supervisors
  • any employee.

Users of the complete training program will find increased communication among organizational departments. Although federal and state laws prohibit employment discrimination against persons with disabilities, attitude often remains as the most significant barrier to employment.

The "Windmills" curriculum seeks to remedy attitudinal barriers. "Windmills" works! Employers who use the program report a significant increase in the hiring of people with disabilities. Supervisors feel more confident in working with individuals with disabilities after the training. Managers feel more confident about supervising people with disabilities.

"Windmills" helps employers successfully include persons with disabilities as an excellent labor resource!

This training is available at your location at your scheduling convenience as an Onsite option. Please contact us directly for support with hosting this training at your location.

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