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Rob Hays


I've been training since: 2013

I've been with SA since: 2013


I was born in Utah and raised between Washington and my birth state.  Throughout my early education, I had a love of learning.  When I entered high school I joined my debate team and gained a passion for teaching.  Since graduating, I’ve taken as many opportunities as I can to grow by being active in my community, volunteering my time teaching, and continuing my own education.  I joined the Service Alternatives Training Division in 2013 shortly after my graduation from the University of Washington.


I enjoy reading, Batman, hiking, Batman, and movies—usually about Batman. I’ve also been known to play video games containing the word “craft”: Minecraft, Starcraft, and Warcraft.


BA--Philisophy, University of Washington



What does training mean to me?

Opportunity for growth