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Aelfwynn Freer

Technical Assistance Administrator

I've been training since: 2012

I've been with SA since: 2011


My professional career began at the Oregon Social Learning Center in 2002 as a Research Assistant in the field of Psycho-Social Research.  I worked on several studies to do with prevention/intervention for at-risk youth and their families, coordinating data collection and processing.

I then moved to Scotland to pursue a Master’s Degree in Archaeology, and went on to work for the Scottish government in several capacities as an archaeologist.

Upon moving back to the US, I came to work for Service Alternatives and spent my first year working in direct care for CFS and then as an Employment Specialist for CES.  I now help coordinate Technical Assistance for the State of Washington in the form of trainings, conferences, workshops, seminars, Functional Assessments, Positive Behavior Support, Assistive Technology, Self-Advocacy work, etc. for communities, DDD staff, and individuals with developmental disabilities and their families and caregivers through the Technical Assistance Contract with ADSA/DDD. I monitor contractor files, progress on projects and fulfillment of subcontracts; design databases and tracking systems; help coordinate events and conduct behind the scenes planning.


I have a keen interest in cultivating egalitarian communities and culture.  Much of my adult life has centered around intentional community building, permaculture design, and developing cross-cultural partnerships in the pursuit of a sustainable and natural lifestyle.  My interests include traveling, visiting ancient sites, conducting independent research, Post-Processual archaeological theory, camping, hiking, experiencing live music (especially Celtic Folk music), spending time with my niece, sewing quilts by hand, cooking, reading and creative writing.


BA - Anthropology – University of Oregon

MLitt – Aerial Photography and Geophysical Survey for Archaeology – University of Glasgow

What does training mean to me?

For me, the best opportunity to learn comes from collaboration with experts from a variety of backgrounds and experience. We all have a unique perspective to offer in a training environment, and I believe that deeper learning comes with a grounding in basic principles as well as a flowering of growth in knowledge arising from practical activities and information sharing. I am especially passionate about coordinating and providing excellent training opportunities for those who work with individuals with developmental disabilities.